BG-K1: 8+ Donors | Laminate / Metals / Acrylic / Wood

Start small, sell tiles, and grow with this head-turning kit. Built so that you can get a start on the donor recognition you’ve been meaning to do, all while keeping the future in mind. This design can flex into different spaces easily, and the key messaging frames make for simple digital integration.

BG-K2: 16+ Donors | Acrylic in Various Finishes

Grab attention with this futuristic triangle-style wall. We’ve designed this to adapt to your space with different color options, and also with different layout options. Want to thank a donor even MORE? Grab a giant tile and integrate it.

BG-K3: 6+ Donors | Colored and Metallic-Look Acrylic

Dedicating a new space, section, or feature to a few large donors? Building a volunteer appreciation wall? BG-K3 may be a great investment! Show BIG support with BIG panels, and integrate branding with key messaging sections.

BG-K4: 1-12 Donors | Metals / Acrylics / Rods

An inexpensive, classy, and effective way to dedicate a room or feature to a few key donors. Or, use it in memoriam for someone that helped your organization thrive. One of our most popular simple recognition pieces.