Project Spotlight: Stantec

This project was a cool mix of two passions of ours: donor/supporter recognition, and internal marketing. Both of those things are sometimes undervalued, so it was exciting to help Stantec out.

The displays we helped create mix storytelling, digital, and physical elements. Some displays contain awards, some contain TVs, and some smaller sections are simple poster holders with great messaging and a slick standoff installation.

Why do we love this project? Even though it’s for a business, it can give nonprofits a lot of great ideas. Check these features out:

  • integrated screen for on-the-fly messaging changes
  • infographics to reinforce messages quickly
  • messages from the president, showing his face, to give a personal touch
  • the use of cool artefacts and historical pieces
  • plants
  • impact stories

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Who thinks Stantec is that much more community-focused after seeing this? Even as the team building this display, we were wowed by their commitment to the community and their staff. Just imagine what this approach could do for a nonprofit!

If this has given you some ideas, let’s talk about how we can help make those ideas a reality. Email, or visit now!


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