Project Spotlight: The Calgary Police Foundation

Project Spotlight: The Calgary Police Foundation Donor Wall

We were contacted by the Calgary Police Foundation to create a simple-but-impactful donor wall. We love the way this one turned out.


let’s take a look at some individual elements:


To start the project off on the right foot, we installed wood paneling with custom-cut dimensional metal panels to the existing wall. To tie the whole display together, BetterGiving added two ‘flowing’ strips of metal behind the individual elements and on top of our specially constructed wall. The donor plaques are colored acrylic combined with both raised and acrylic lettering. Standoffs from are used to fix the plates to the wall with no mess.

There are two more elements to make the display come to life — fabric lightboxes and flatscreen TVs. These lightboxes emit a gentle light that draws the eyes in. Another option may have been using a SignBright panel, which are only 12mm thick (check them out at The TVs play a loop of programming that the CPF can choose and swap out anytime to highlight different programs or initiatives.

conclusion: the CPF wall is a great example of a combination of donor recognition to bring in more support, as well as visual elements to support their branding and messaging.

Want to do something similar? Contact us @ 403–243–4741 or email with your ideas!


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