Project Spotlight: WestJet Internal Branding

A little while back, we were contacted by a partner agency to help with a project inside WestJet’s Calgary campus. This is a StorySpace project — BetterGiving’s sister company — but we wanted to show it off here anyhow.

This project is pretty simple in its execution — what makes it stand out is the content. The entire display runs the chronological history of WestJet — from day 1 to current (and we help update it yearly). This whole installation is an awesome use of storytelling, told largely from the view of third parties or outsiders — newspaper clippings, sales figures, staffing numers. It’s a neat concept and something we’d love to see more businesses implemenet. Even being able to just work on the project gives us the sense that WestJet is a great company, fun to work for, and worth our business. Check out some photos:

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