Project Spotlight: YouthLink

Recently, our parent company Westwind Design Group was lucky enough to get to make some really interesting interactive displays for YouthLink. (Bonus: here are some pictures of some of those interactives!)


Maggot Mass! This warm, moving mass of (fake) maggots is visible from the top — and lets you put your hand in a glove inside to feel them squirming around. A favorite with kids.


Skeleton Puzzle! Learn how to human body is put together with this fun, life-sized magnetic skeleton puzzle.


Humidity Chamber! This chamber mimics a neat process for identifying fingerprints — without chemicals — a great teaching aid.

As the project was nearing completion, we were contacted to build a donor wall to celebrate and thank YouthLink’s generous donors.

Since we were celebrating donors that had made large contributions in a high-traffic area, there wasn’t as much need to draw eyes or bodies close. This allowed us to create something simple, modular, and complimentary to the space. As you can see, some spaces have been left open to allow for future donors — so this project also functions as a selling tool for the YouthLink fundraising team.

Here’s what BetterGiving did for YouthLink:

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If you’re looking for some great donor recognition, let’s talk —


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