The Top 5 Podcasts for Nonprofit Professionals

I know where to get unlimited good advice from professional nonprofit consultants who work on call. For free. No, this isn’t a scam. Welcome… to the beautiful world of podcasts.  I have curated my top 5 podcasts for nonprofit professionals that capture everything from fundraising to volunteer management.

ios9-podcasts-app-tilePodcasts are perfect for the nonprofit professional who’s always on the go. You can get your daily informational-fuel while brushing your teeth, making dinner, taking a jog etc. You’ll surprise yourself with how much you’ve learned just by listening!

Another benefit of podcast listening is they’re free! Which is a huge plus for people in the non-profit business who need to be up-to-date on their cause, but have a tight budget. Not everyone can afford expensive nonprofit consultants or participate in regular webinars to keep up on emerging research. And who really has hours each night to sift through endless amounts of nonprofit news? That is why podcasts (full of relevant content waiting patiently in the little app on your phone) is the best source for your nonprofit needs. Expand your depth of knowledge… for free!

After years of listening to podcast, here is a handpicked selection of the 5 best nonprofit podcasts:

Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio

tonyDescription: Tony Martignetti discusses everything from fundraising to volunteer management to board relations, etc. “Big nonprofits hire experts. The other 95% listen to Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio”

Average episode length: 1 hour

Frequency: Every week (and sometimes even more often than that) since 2010

Tony Martignetti is a super energetic, fun guy who provides exceptional production value. Every week, Tony interviews really interesting guests and they have covered every topic you can possibly imagine in great depth. CEO’s, authors, professors, all share priceless experience and tips from their own lives. Want to know what the 9/11 giving effect is? Or how to master millennial volunteers? Well there are nearly 300 episodes to explain those to you. The only con for me is that episodes are long and come out frequently, but honestly, that’s a good con to have.

Social Good from the Chronicle of Philanthropy

social good

Description: Allison Fine, a nonprofit leader and expert on technology and communications, discusses how charities and foundations can more effectively use social-media tools to spread their messages and raise money.

Average episode length: 15 minutes

Frequency: Once a month (… give or take) from 2013-2014

If you need a blast of topical information – this is the podcast for you. While there are only 10 episodes, the topics covered are unique, modern, and definitely worth listening to. “How big data is changing philanthropy” “Using humor to inspire candid conversations about nonprofits” “Why nonprofits should care about net neutrality”… All very relevant no matter the year

Sprout CAST – Social Enterprise Podcast


Description: Julia Duffy chats with changemakers, social entrepreneurs, and innovators, about how to create positive impact in society and make the world a better place.

Average episode length: 35 minutes

Frequency: Monthly podcasts since 2015  

Sprout CAST is a great happy medium – the length is not too long or too short and the topics are focused but also not dense. Having leaders from startups, educational institutions, corporations, and nonprofits all in one place is great because innovative techniques from one field are equally relevant to another. And in all honesty, if you’re just looking for a simple pick me up… this is the podcast to go for. All that these people want is simply to make the world a better place – how lovely does that sound?

Big Vision Podcast

big vision

Description: For seven years, Britt Bravo interviewed over 70 people about big ideas

Average episode length: 25 minutes

Frequency: Each month from 2006-2013

While not specifically about nonprofit work, it talks about the exact social issues that many nonprofits are helping with for example education of women, human rights violations, sustainable use of plastic, etc.  If you are looking for inspiration and ideas from people making a difference, look no further than Big Vision Podcast

Conquering Nonprofit Chaos


Description: Nonprofit consultant Bradley Burk talks about nonprofit management and fundraising. This podcast is very specifically for people working in the nonprofit world.

Average episode length: 15 minutes

Frequency: Bi-weekly podcast from 2007-2013

An oldy but a goody. This is an incredibly informative and topic focused podcast. Straightforward titles and straightforward advice from a very friendly guy. Sometimes with a guest and sometimes just by himself, this podcast is jam packed with good advice. The titles are also incredibly searchable. If you are specifically curious about how text messaging can be integrated into your communications strategy, or how to use white mail as part of your fundraising strategy, Bradley has you covered.

In these 5 podcasts, there is an unlimited amount of excellent, shared content for you to peruse at your leisure. Give them a listen, I promise you’ll get hooked. Do you have a favorite podcast that wasn’t mentioned? Leave a comment below and I’ll check it out!

Mary Gao | Marketing Intern


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